Land Like No Other | About Us
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About Us

TecklaOur founder, Mrs. Teckla Rodrigo has a great history in travel guiding for more than 40 Years !. The speciality of our company is: We will not assign another professional to guide you But Mrs. Teckla will be your proud companion throughout the whole tour.

Enjoy the Sri Lankan hospitality in world class hotels, Our Traditional Cuisines will amaze your tastebuds. Ayurvedic spas are one of our specialty, Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctors are capable of healing illnesses that even not recognised by western medicine yet, We have living evidence whom got cured from cancers as well.

First time in Sri Lankan Travelling industry, We have introduced a customisable value package where the traveler can customize the tour according to his personal interest. Check out our packages and contact us for further details. Offering you a unforgettable journey is “Land Like No Other” Crews Vision

Experience a trusted tour with our founder, Teckla Rodrigo; From the airport and throughout the travel with her 40 years of experience in travel guiding. All the tours will be guided and planned with her personal touch.”Land Like No Other” at its very essence is a family owned Sri Lankan company. There is a saying that “the best way to experience a country is by living with a local family”; and with us such an experience is truly yours when you entrust your holiday in Sri Lanka with us.